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Since 1900 the temperature of the Earth has increased 1°C. Without action, the earth temperature is expected to increase as much as 5°C by 2090. We are committed to delivering practical and sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial settings. We offer a diverse range of affordable solutions including Solar Panels, Battery Storage, LED Lights, and Energy Management. Our team consists of trained consultants, solar designers and accredited solar installers with more than 25 years combined industry experience. We are dedicated to making it easier for you to take action and contribute to creating a healthier climate, and help protect biodiversity and reforestation efforts. Installing a 5-kW solar system eliminates as much carbon pollution as 5.6 acres of mature trees.
Solar Installation Process

Energy Assessment

Your renewable energy consultant will analyze your power usage and tailor a system that will allow you to eliminate or drastically reduce your power bill.

Pre-Approval and Final Design

Our in house designer will submit a grid connection request on your behalf and create a final design with a sophisticated satellite imagery to ensure performance.

Project Coordination

One of our team members will liaise with you to update and book a preferred date of installation. They will be your point of contact should you have any questions or concerns.

System Installation

You can be assured your solar power system will be installed by experienced Clean Energy Council accredited installers and the process normally about five hours.

Inspection and Grid Connection

We will submit your grid connection request with your energy distributor upon receiving a safety certificate from an independent inspector.

After Sales Service

Relax with the peace of mind that comes with the best warranty and after sales support. Please recommend us to friends and family for extra bonus

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